CATEGORY: Chocolate / Confectionery

(See also: American Products; Cooking Aids; Ginger)

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Chocolate / Confectionery price list includes: American Products (AM); Cacao Chocolates and Pastries (C1); Chocolate Gems (C2); Chocolates – Assortment (C~); Chocolates – Belgian (C0); Chocolates – Swiss (C=); Chocolatier – Food Service (C4); Chocolatier (C3); Confectionery – Assortment (C!); Ernest Hillier / Newman (C5); Jelly Bellies (C#); La Rose Noire Desert Cups (LA); Lindt (C6); Liquorice (C$); New Zealand Products (NZ); Nougat Products (C%); Patisserie Products (P); Paton’s Macadamias (C7); Quinzi’s (C&); Random Harvest (RH); Rocky Rock Candy & Choc. Fare (C*); Storz (C9); X-Rated Chocolate & Confectionery (C^)