Zehnder Gluten Free Bakery

Gluten free excellence.

Zehnder Gluten Free Bread - Soy Linseed 750g Sliced (lindseed flaxseed)

Zehnder Gluten Free is a range of nutritious, tasty, wholesome foods for every day and the occasional indulgence. Suitable for allergies – rice loaf, soy & linseed loaf are dairy free.

Zehnder bread is light and airy and doesn’t crumble compared to other brands. Sliced breads are frozen when produced so that frozen slices separate easily.


ALL Zehnder products are GLUTEN FREE


Gluten Free Breads (sliced):

  • Multiseed 700g
  • Pumpkin 700g
  • Olive 700g
  • Sultana 700g
  • Potato 700g (yeast free)
  • Wholemeal 700g
  • Farmers 750g (dairy free)
  • Soy Linseed 750g (yeast and dairy free)
  • Rice 750g (yeast, dairy, soy and corn free)
  • Turkish 600g
  • Zlehnder Ciabatta 270g (x2) (dairy, soy, yeast, corn and egg free)
  • Banana Bread 750g (unsliced)
    (also individual slices for foodservice)

Wraps & Pizza Bases:

  • White Piadina Wraps 240g (24cm, 2 per pack)
  • Plain Pizza Base 300g (24cm, 2 per pack)


  • Chocolate Brownie 390g (yeast free)
  • Chocolate Mud Cake 480g (dairy free)

Seasonal Cakes:

  • Christmas Pudding (4 x 85g)
  • Easter Hot Cross Buns (12 x 70g)
  • Zehnder Chocolate Log 1300g
  • Stollen German Christmas Cake 700g

Gluten Free Pasta:

  • Casaresse 380g
  • Conchiglie 300g
  • Penne Rigate 300g
  • Fettucine
  • Lasagne
  • Gnocci
  • Pumpkin & Rosemary Agnelotti 360g
  • Spinach & Ricotta Capelletti 360g

Food Service:

  • White Dinner Rolls x 50 (dairy free, soy free)
  • Olive Rolls x 50 (dairy free, soy free)
  • Multiseed Dinner Rolls x 50 (dairy free, soy free)
  • Banana Bread 130g (single slice)
  • Chocolate Mud Cake 130g (single slice)

CATEGORY: Diet Restricted ; Frozen Products

Zehnder Gluten Free - Pizza Base 300g (24cm, 2 per pack)

Zehnder Gluten Free - Food Service - Dinner Rolls Olive x50

Zehnder Gluten Free Bread - Zlehnder Ciabatta 270g x2

Zehnder Gluten Free Slices - Chocolate Brownies 390g