Willie’s World Class Cacao (as seen on ABC television)

Real chocolate with forgotten flavours. Grate in food. Great on food.

Willie's Supreme Cacao - Venezuelan Black x3

Willie is the only small cacao grower and producer in the UK. Using 100-year-old machinery, Willie produces from bean to bar, authentic pure cacao and chocolate from the finest beans around the world.

The bars are all single bean or single estate origin of exceptional quality, representing the natural flavour of the region.

As seen on ABC TV – Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory and Willie’s Chocolate Revolution

CATEGORY: Chocolate / Confectionery

Willie's Delectable Cacao - Venezuelan 72, Indonesian 69, Peruvian 70, Venezuelan 72

Willie's Delectable Cacao - Madagascan 71

Willie's Supreme Cacao - Colombian Black 100% Pure Cacao

Willie's Supreme Cacao - Madagascan Black 100% Pure Cacao