Springhill Farm

Delicious sweets, snacks and gluten-free treats from home-made recipes.

Springhill Farm - Chocolate Hedgehog Slice

To bake, oh, to dream. What started as a hobby whipping up some muesli slices for school kids visiting our working farm is now a fully-baked Victorian-based business, serving delicious treats to the world from our original home-made recipes.

  • Finger Slices
  • Biscuits
  • Hedgehog
  • Rocky Road
  • Gluten Free Flour Mixes (original, seeded, fruit)
  • Gluten Free Range

CATEGORY: Baked Goods ; Chocolate / Confectionery ; Diet Restricted

Springhill Farm - Biscuit Range

Springhill Farm - Gluten Free Rocky Road

Springhill Farm - Wrapped Finger Slice Range

Springhill Farm - The Real Bread Mix 450g