Sheese Vegan Cheese

100% dairy free – 100% tasty

Sheese Vegan Cheese - Blue Sheese salad dressing with croutons

Sheese Vegan Cheese – a variety of tasty non-dairy and dairy-free cheese substitutes suitable for vegans, vegetarians and allergy sufferers. No hydrogenated fats, meat-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, egg-free, gluten-free and GM free.

Bute Island Foods produce an exciting range of 11 individual flavours of Sheese in block-form that are ideal for slicing and grating:

  • MELTY Mild Cheddar Sheese
  • MELTY Red Cheddar Sheese
  • Mozzarella Sheese
  • Strong Cheddar Sheese
  • Cheddar Sheese with Chives
  • Blue Sheese
  • Smoked Cheddar Sheese
  • Cheshire Sheese
  • Gouda Sheese
  • Medium Cheddar Sheese

The new MELTY flavours are nice and firm, so slicing for sandwiches is a breeze, yet they also melt easily, making them the perfect choice for pizza or a delicious Sheese toasty to name but a few – very versatile varieties indeed. Why not try them all?

CATEGORY: Diet Restricted

Sheese Vegan Cheese - Blue Style

Sheese Vegan Cheese - Strong Cheddar Style

Sheese Vegan Cheese - Smoked Cheddar Style

Sheese Vegan Cheese - Displays of Cheddar and Creamy Sheese