Lurpak Danish Butter

Imported, gourmet butter with exceptional creaminess.

Whatever the meal, Lurpak Danish Butter will compliment it perfectly and bring out its true flavours. Made with fresh cream, Lurpak Butter has a legendary subtlety and freshness. Perfect on toast, crumpets and baked potatoes, it melts before your eyes.

Lurpak Butter is available in the following varieties:

  • Slightly Salted 250g
  • Unsalted 250g
  • Spreadable Slightly Salted 250g
  • Spreadable Lighter (25% less fat) 250g
  • Spreadable Unsalted 250g
  • Lurpak with Crushed Garlic 125g

CATEGORY: Cooking Aids


Lurpak Danish Butter with Crushed Garlic

Lurpak Danish Butter - Slightly Salted 250g

Lurpak Danish Butter - Unsalted 250g

Lurpak Danish Butter - Spreadable Lighter 250g