Boscastle Pies

Boscastle Pies. The foodie’s favourite pie.

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Boscastle make naturally flavoured, great tasting, award-winning Australian gourmet pies, pasties and quiches. Boscastle Pies also make an extensive range of party and cocktail pies.

Boscastle – the foodie’s favourite pie: flaky and golden pastry that melts in the mouth; fillings made from the finest ingredients and cooked to perfection.

Boscastle pies have been widely acclaimed, winning many awards and gold medals as well as favourable reviews by Australia’s most notable food critics.

CATEGORY: Frozen Products

Boscastle - Beef and Guiness Pie

Boscastle - Chicken Lee and Swiss Cheese Party Pies

Boscastle - Family Pies

Boscastle - Spinace and Mushroom Quiche