180 Degrees Oat Crackers

Nutty and crunchy oat crackers, delicious with fine cheese, spreads and patès.

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180 Degrees is a premium manufacturer of contemporary sweet and savoury biscuits established in New Zealand more than 10 years.

The delicious oat crackers are thin and rectangular and made from all natural whole ground oats, nuts and NZ butter. A nutty and crunchy cracker specifically designed to accompany fine cheese, fruit pastes, dips and spreads.

These addictive crackers are ideal for retail or food service.

  • Walnut Oat Crackers
  • Hazelnut Oak Crackers
  • Natural Oat Crackers
  • Chilli Pepper Oat Crackers

CATEGORY: Baked Goods

180 Degrees - Natural Oat Crackers

180 Degrees - Oat Cracker Varieties